Protection is important to us, which is why many of our lenses include:

Scratch-Resistant Hard Coating

All of our lenses have a hard coating which protects the lens from scratches.

Anti-Reflective / Anti-Glare Coating

Applied to both sides of the lenses, this coating makes your lenses seem nearly invisible by reducing glare and eases eye strain by eliminating reflections.

UV Protection

Protection is important to us, which is why all of our lenses inhibit UVA and UVB rays. (Want even more protection from harmful light? Add our Blue Light Protection treatment)


When it comes to lenses, there are many options to choose from, but how do you know which lenses are right for you? Learn more about our lens benefits below to determine which lens type, material, and treatment corresponds with your prescription and lifestyle.


Single Vision

Single Vision lenses correct one field of vision: near (for reading), intermediate (for computer), or far (for distance). Reading glasses also fall into this category


Progressive lenses offer vision correction for more than one field of vision: near (for reading), intermediate (for computer), and far (for distance). If your prescription has an “add” then it is for progressive lenses.


Standard Plastic

Standard lenses are made of a 1.49 index CR39 plastic material which offers the best clarity of all the lens materials.

Recommended for prescriptions of +/- 3.00


Polycarbonate is a 1.59 index high-impact material, which means it is strong and protective. Polycarbonate is thinner than our Standard Plastic lens and also our most lightweight material.

Recommended for prescriptions under +/- 4.00

Super Thin 1.67 High Index

1.67 High-Index lenses are our thinnest material, being up to 20% thinner than Polycarbonate lenses. If you have a strong prescription, this lens material is for you!

Recommended for prescriptions of +/- 4.00 or higher


Premium Anti-Reflective

Premium Anti-Reflective lenses feature a super hydrophobic coating that helps keep your lenses clean and free from fingerprints and smudges.

Blue Light Protection

Blue Light Protection is a nearly-clear lens treatment that protects your eyes from the harmful blue light emitted from today’s digital devices. If you spend hours a day looking at a cell phone, tablet, computer, or TV screen, you’re a candidate for blue light protective lenses!

Light Responsive

Light-Responsive lenses react to UV rays and offer comfortable vision in a variety of light conditions. The lenses are clear indoors and darken to a sunglass tint when outdoors, depending on the UV exposure. If your eyes are sensitive to varying light conditions, then light responsive lenses may be a great option for you!


Sunglass Tint

A sunglass tinted lens is just that, a lens with a dark sunglass tint! All of our sunglass tinted lenses are a dark shade of grey and are  UV protective, like all of our lenses. You can turn any of our frames into sunglasses by choosing this option.

Polarized Sunglass

Polarized sunglass lenses have a dark grey sunglass tint, but what makes them special is the polarized film that reduces glare, especially off of highly reflective surfaces like water and snow.


The frame size measurements are typically located on the inside of one of the temples/arms. The size measurement is in millimeters and consists of three numbers:

​If you have a pair of glasses that you like, compare the measurements of your own frames to the pair you would like to purchase to ensure a perfect fit.